Health & Safety


We at Design 2 Construction (D2C), as a responsible corporate citizen are committed to safe guard the health & safety of all our employees.

To meet the above goals we

    • With all applicable health, safety & environmental Laws and Regulations; Will comply.
    • Will develop & establish safe working practice standards & norms for all our
      industrial activities.
    • Will train, educate, support & motivate all levels of employees and contract
      workers to follow safe work practices.

Will integrate health & safety management system with day to day operation and hold all levels of management responsible for producing & maintaining safety.

  • Will monitor work environment through planned inspection, surveys & audits on regular basis to identify & eliminate sub standard working conditions.
  • Will review the status of health & safety periodically and will take necessary
    actions to improve it.

Our ultimate goal is to aim at zero work related accidents and injuries, which can be achieved only through dedication & total commitment of each employee at every level.

Vikaas Mistry